Tribe Royal (Canada) 
Tribe Royal is a fast rising eclectic quartet of Canadian 'Americana-Rockers' who have a 'fresh vibe - vintage sound', paying tribute to their own roots and hitting the stage in overdrive with an energy that grabs you from the first guitar riffs and pounding drums. Having completed a double single release in Muscle Shoals, Alabama with producer Norbert Putnam, and recently returning from Westway LAB in Guimarães, Portugal, where they not only showcased and were part of a songwriting internship, and being given a Showcase spot in Cannes, France at Morrisons as an official showcase at MIDEM 2019, then heading to the largest festival in North America, SummerfestTribe Royal is currently in a break-out position with their video ‘My Kind of Girl’, with plans to record a new album in August and will be returning to Live at Heart Sweden in September.

Bara Jonson and Free (Sweden)

"They say that music is the language of the soul, and nothing could be truer for this Crockpop (country/rock/pop) band from south of Sweden. Composed of a dynamic duo together with inspirational musicians and skillful performers, Bara Jonson and Free are a band like no other. From live gigs to streaming sessions and more, they continue to touch fans around the world with their blend of heartfelt lyrics, strong music, and soulful messages. Recently returning from their second appearance in Newfoundland (with plans to return back for Live at Heart NL in September) BJF has a Cashbox Canada Showcase spot at MIDEM 2019, an Ontario, Canada tour planned in October, then back to their home base in Sweden to perform at Live at Heart Sweden in Örebro.

Audra Santa (Canada)
Soulful, powerful, and expressive, Audra Santa invites you into a world where the missing parts of the self are found in the shadows. Her music draws on elements of trip-hop, dark-pop, art-rock and soul, with videos and performances that pull you deeper into a world beyond the music. Audra’s genre-bending style, soulful voice, introspective lyrics, and fascination with the deep and the dark has Cashbox magazine dubbing her music “goth-soul”. Last year was monumental for Audra with the “powerhouse singer songwriter taking control and making her mark. In 2018, Audra produced and released two music videos (Afterglow) and it’s trip-hop, Lynchian predecessor (Cruel) received a double-encore after her showcase at MIDEM in Cannes, France and she is now returning as feature on the Cashbox Canada showcase for MIDEM 2019 and heading to Live at Heart Sweden in September.

Don Graham (Canada)
Don Graham is a Canadian singer/songwriter, a veteran in the  industry, both as a performer and a prolific songwriter. With decades of experience Don has been signed to labels such as Gamma/Aquarius (London Records) and Kapp/MCA (USA). Don recently traveled to Muscle Shoals, Alabama where he recorded his tribute song to his father, “I Just Called Him Dad” produced by the legendary Norbert Putnam. A new CD produced by Bill Hill, titled ‘’Alabama Rain is scheduled for release this summer.Don is performing in Cannes, France at the Cashbox Canada June 4-7 at MIDEM 2019, then a series of house concerts and corporate events in Nova Scotia and taking his music back for a second appearance at Live at Heart, in Örebro, Sweden in September 2019.  “Don is a seasoned and travelled performer with a magic in his eyes and a master story teller with songs based in the reality of life, love and loss. – says Victor Labelle Café Mariposa Montreal Quebec. And after a recent appearance opening for folk legend Eric Andersen, Eric had this to say, “Don Graham is a marvellous writer, musician and performer whose songs strike deep into the heart of what matters to him. It was an honor to share a stage with him.”
Peter Anderson (USA)
If you like your country music pure and honest and from the heart then you need look no further than Peter Anderson. The work of the Alabama native now living in sunny Mountain View, California is best described as "music from the heart and soul of a man for the heart and soul of mankind" and the manifestation of this is evident on his debut CD 'Just In Time'. Peter Anderson is the real deal speaking for the everyday man and the dreamers and those working and striving to make the world a better place. Cashbox Canada Showcase will be featuring Peter Anderson at MIDEM 2019 and then is on the Cashbox Caravan to Scandinavia’s  largest festival, Live at Heart Sweden in Örebro in September.

Ruthless Ones (Canada)
Ruthless Ones play delinquent rock & roll; a proto-punk sound all their own by experimenting with garage rock tones and west indie ska nuance/texture. Constantly striving to put the same amount of talent into the band as the excitement and energy they have leaving thrashed out shows in their wake!